Iglu / Stasis

September 23, 2017 — Vinil, CD, Digital



Stasis III, IV, VI, IX and X composed and recorded in 2013 by Marcel Hosu and Alex Prigoană in collaboration with Kristóf Jakabffy
Stasis I, I, VIl and VIII composed and recorded in 2017 by Marcel Hosu, Alex Prigoană and Bogdan Hopu
Slasis V created by Dan Burzo

Stasis IV, VI, IX and X: cello by Kristóf Jakabffy
Stasis I piano in collaboration with Alexandru Negriuc
Stasis VI modified in 2017 by Somnușor and Bogdan Hopu

Recorded in Cluj-Napoca by Olivér Végh at Luna Recording Studio
Mixed in 2017 by Olivér Végh and Marcel Hosu
Mastered in 2017 by Florent Sabaton at Color Sound Mastering, Paris
Remastered in 2023 by Dan Georgescu
Lyrics by Marcel Hosu
Photography and design by Dan Burzo, Marcel Hosu and Paula Hosu