Deocamdată suntem

April 7, 2023 — Vinyl, Digital


Drums, bass, guitars, brass instruments, cello, accordion and melodica recorded at UNDA Recording,
Bucharest, February–March 2022. Sound engineer Dan Georgescu, recording assistant Alex Corlan.

Voices, piano, organ and synth recorded by Marcel Hosu, Cluj–Napoca, March–September 2022.

Additional vocals recorded at UNDA Recording, Bucharest, March–June 2022.
Organs, strings and vocals for the song Deocamdată suntem recorded by Marcel Hosu, Paris, 2019.
Guitars, cello, organ and percussion for Antikairos recorded at Luna Recording Studio, Cluj–Napoca, 2013, sound engineer Oliver Végh.

Lyrics by Marcel Hosu.
Mix Dan Georgescu.
Master Emil Dragomirescu, Tides Audio.
Design Dan Burzo, Somnușor.
Photo by Matteo Scarpa.
Vinyl records produced by Deepgrooves BV in Leeuwarden, June 2023.